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Schools & Educational Talks

A school trip to Dubai Dolphinarium will challenge your pupils, fill them with enthusiasm and let them experience the thrill of practical learning, first hand.

When you book your school trip to Dubai Dolphinarium you can choose from a selection of activities for your pupils to partake in. School trips to Dubai Dolphinarium provide pupils with the opportunity to enjoy many engaging educational activities including talks and demonstrations, along with a load of fun at our award-winning shows! Simply one of the best kids’ activities in Dubai!

Education Talks

* Dubai Dolphinarium's education talks are approved by the KHDA and are suitable for children 7-18 years old
* Tickets are inclusive of the dolphin and seal show
* Classes are 30 minutes in duration and are held before or after the 11am dolphin and seal show
* The talks focus on dolphin biology, physiology, behavior, communication & sustainability and the classes are adapted for each age group
* The sessions are fun and interactive and feature tutorials, short films, visual aids as well as arts and crafts for the younger students
* Classes can be held at schools and off-site inclusive of Creek Park and out at sea as part of the Dubai Dolphinarium support of the Dubai
   Dolphin Project which is the first study into Arabian Gulf dolphins

Teachers Visits

We are always happy to welcome teachers who are planning kids’ activities in Dubai to Dubai Dolphinarium. Please contact us for details of special teacher ticket packages [email protected]

Inquiries & Bookings

Any questions regarding school trips & our KHDA approved education talks, please call 043369773 or email [email protected]


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