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• What happens at Dubai Dolphinarium?

Dubai Dolphinarium is the UAE’s only dolphinarium. Visitors get up close and personal to graceful bottlenose dolphins and playful northern fur seals at Dubai Dolphinarium’s action-packed shows. Watch in wonder as the dolphins and seals perform the most amazing acrobatics, dance, sing, juggle, play ball, jump through hoops and even paint!

• Can you swim with dolphins at the dolphinarium?

Yes! Swimming with the dolphins interactions are daily and visitors get a once in a life-time experience to swim and play with these incredible mammals, all under the supervision of our expert trainers. Swimmers are briefed prior to the experience and the trainers guide them through the session and answer any questions. Interactions can be from the poolside without getting wet, knee deep or deepwater. Advance booking is essential. Sessions can be part of a mixed or private group of up to 8 people. Sessions last for aprox 45mins with 25mins in the water with 2 dolphins! Wet-suits are provided, a complimentary photo is included and we even allow family to watch and take photos, subject to availability.

• What is the mirror maze?

Dubai Dolphinarium is home to the UAE’s only mirror maze. Visitors are challenged to find their way through a baffling and disconcerting maze of mirrors, finding themselves disoriented in a bewildering network of endless corridors achieved by a complex arrangement of reflecting glass. Once within the mirrors, they won't be able to work out which way to go and will have to use their senses of touch and adventure to work out the way.

• Where is Dubai Dolphinarium?

It is located in the beautiful Creek Park, near Health Care City, you enter through Gate. A charge of AED5 per person is charged at the gate; this is set by Dubai Municipality and is non-negotiable nor refundable.

• How much does it cost and when is it open?

Please check our website for prices & availability. We are open daily from 10am with dolphin & seal shows at 11am,  3pm* & 6pm, exotic bird shows 12.15pm, 2pm*, 4.15pm & 715pm (* Please check that these shows are operating on the desired day of your visit).

Please note that tickets are non-refundable or nor can they be transfered.

• What is the UAE’s only exotic bird show?

Join in the fun at the UAE’s only exotic bird show, for an action packed experience with over 20 different birds & parrots. Get up close and personal to our exotic birds during the free flight shows, marvel as the birds swoop overhead and interact with the audience.

Learn about the intelligence of these fascinating birds, the saying ‘bird-brain’ is most certainly not true! Discover about natural habitats, social structures, how we train them, diets and conservation

Have you ever seen a cockatoo paint? A macaw hoist a flag and play basketball? Our hornbills catch food mid flight and our chatty African grey speak English, Chinese and is brushing up on his Arabic. After the show there are plenty of photo opportunities with our feathered friends!

Tickets cost AED50 per adult and AED30 per child. Book your tickets direct at the Dubai Dolphinarium ticket counter or with your travel agent.

Our exotic birds include:

• Blue and Gold Macaws
• Green Winged Macaws
• Eclectus Parrots
• Sulpher Crested Cockatoos
• Sun Conures
• African Grey
• Red Billed Hornbill

• What do people love about their visit to the Dubai Dolphinarium?

Dubai Dolphinarium is unique there is no other dolphinarium in the region. Our visitors have the opportunity to see the dolphins perform in the show whilst learning important facts about how they live, feed and their physiology. It is possible to get up close and touch the dolphins without getting in the water with our photo opportunities.

• How does the Dolphinarium educate is visitors?

The experience is unique and interactive it lives a lasting impression on all who come to visit us. We have a KHDA approved education programme which caters to children from 4-18 years old, teaching them all about dolphins and marine life ecology and sustainability. We work closely with schools across the UAE with over 1000 students per month! We are sponsors and supporters of the Dubai Dolphin Project which is currently conducting the first study of Arabian Gulf dolphins.

• How many dolphins are there at Dubai Dolphinarium?

Dubai Dolphinarium is home to five adult and one baby bottle-nose dolphin – Enya, Ksyusha, Jerry, Tetka, Fekla & Kai, as well as our northern fur seals. The dolphins love to perform and interact with the audience, they love children!


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